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Members of the Drafting Committee of the Constitution

The Drafting Committee for framing the constitution was appointed on 29 August 1947, . The committee comprised of a chairman and six other members. In addition a constitutional advisor was also appointed.

The committee members were:

Dr B. R. Ambedkar - Chairman

K M Munshi (Ex- Home Minister, Bombay)

Alladi Krishnaswamy Iyer (Ex- Advocate General, Madras State)

N Gopalaswami Ayengar (Ex-Prime Minister, J&K, member of Nehru Cabinet)

B L Mitter (Ex-Advocate General, India)

Md. Saadullah (Ex- Chief Minister of Assam, Muslim League member)

D P Khaitan (lawyer). 


Sir Benegal Narsing Rau was appinted as the constitutional advisor.He later became First Indian Judge in International Court of Justice in 1950.


Other Committee members:

B L Mitter resigned from the committee. He was replaced by Madhav Rao (Legal Advisor of Maharaja of Vadodara). 

D P Khaitan passed away and was replaced by T T Krishnamachari.