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Quick Study Lists

We all need to remember a lot of facts, names, dates, places, events for the UPSC General Studies. It is always important to make notes for IAS and other exams under Civil Service. This page has a collection of information that will help you make notes for easy study.

This page is a collection of such Lists:

Recommended Books for UPSC Civil Services Prelims

Awards, Honors, Records and Achievements.
Literature and Press
Famous Books by Indian Authors, Foreign Authors, Indian Newspapers
Indian trophies, International sports trophies, and more
Topics in Indian History, time lines, events, dates
Indian Geography
Power Plants in India, UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India, Historic Monuments in India
Indian Polity
Constitution of India, Committees, Laws, Government
Scientific Names of Common Animals, Plants
General Awareness
All General Awareness topics relevant for UPSC

Do share the subjects that you would like to see notes on. We keep adding to these lists.