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IES 2014 Results and Insights

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4 Mar 2015
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Indian Engineering Services

The Indian Engineering Services Exam was held in June 2014. The interviews for IES was conducted by UPSC in January and February 2015.

Finally, the results are out for IES 2015.

A total of 589 candidates have been selected.

242 candidates have been selected for Civil Engineering

125 candidates have been selected for Mechanical Engineering

104 candidates have been selected for Electrical Engineering

118 candidates have been selected for Electronics & Telecom Engineering

Surprisingly, the number of vacancies is higher than the selections. 

There are 279 vacancies for Civil Engineering of which only 242 have been filled. It means that 13% vacancies are yet to be filled.

There were 144 vacancies in Mechanical where too 13% vacancies are not filled.

The situation is better in Electrical where there were 117 vacancies and only 11% are still vacant.

Only 7% vacancies are unfilled in Electronics and Telecom Engineering.

For information, candidates can call  011-23385271 and 011-23381125 on working days between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm.

The official result can be seen here

Best Wishes for all who succeeded. Respect for all who tried their best.