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IFS: Subject Syllabus

List of Optional Subjects (click on the subjects to view the syllabus)


Agricultural Engineering

Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science



Chemical Engineering

Civil Engineering




Mechanical Engineering





The standard level of papers in General English and General Knowledge are designed for a Science or Engineering graduate of an Indian University. The English paper would consist of an essay and passages to write summary. Other questions are designed to test general understanding of English and everyday use of words. .


The standard level and syllabus for optional subject papers is based on the Bachelors Degree (with Honours). There will be no practical examination in any of the subjects.

There will be eight (8) questions in each subject paper carrying equal marks. All questions will carry equal marks. Each paper will be divided into two parts,  Part A and Part B, each containing four questions. Out of eight questions, five questions are to be attempted. One question in each part will be compulsory. Candidates will be required to answer three more questions out of the remaining six questions, taking at least one question from each Part. Thus, at least two questions will be attempted from each Part plus one more.


The candidates will be interviewed by a Board of competent and unbiased observers. The record of  candidate's career will be present before the interviewers.

The object of the interview is to assess the suitability of the candidate for the Service. The candidate will be expected to have an all round personality. He/She should have an intelligent interest not only in his academics but also should be aware of his cultural, political and social surroundings. He/She should be aware of current affairs, modern current of thoughts and new discoveries happening around him both within and outside his own State or country. 

The technique of the interview will not be a strict cross examination like a question and answer session. It would be more like a natural, though directed and purposive conversation, intended to reveal personal qualities of the candidate. The Board will pay special attention to assessing the intellectual curiosity, critical powers of observation and assimilation, balance of judgment and alertness of mind, initiative, tact, capacity for leadership; the ability for social cohesion, mental and physical energy and powers of practical application; integrity of character; and other qualities such as topographical sense, love for out-door life and the desire to explore unknown and out of way places.